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premium village marrakech 360°

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Premium Village Marrakech is a luxury residential complex located in the famous Palmeraie district, in Marrakech. The site includes 5 large swimming pools, a children's pool, an AquaPark, sports grounds, and a shopping center including a location for a panoramic restaurant.


Model apartment 1

With large spaces with well-appointed volumes, Charkia interiors feature a sleek design designed with traditional materials revisited.

In addition to top-of-the-range services, there is also a “Smart Home” system which allows you to remotely manage all the electrical and energy functions in your home.

Model apartment 2

A modern, bright living room, decorated as soberly as it is nicely, welcomes you in an atmosphere of serenity.

Given the quality of the fittings and the organization of the ergonomics, the Premium Village apartments are transformed into a family cocoon combining comfort and modernity.

model apartment 1 - 360°
model apartment 2 - 360°

Model apartment 3

The Premium Village Marrakech apartments are distinguished by a Moroccan architectural style, combining both traditional identity and a contemporary touch. 

These are real estate properties where the amenities of comfort and luxury equipment are indeed present.

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